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Episode 26: Time for a Hiatus!

Episode 26 cover art Time for a Hiatus

I forgot to mention that this season was coming to an end! So here’s a little update about what’s happening for the rest of the year, an invitation to nominate a childfree Latine to be on the show, and for you to ask questions. Plus stay tuned for mini episodes and more.

This is also a great time to catch up on any episodes you missed. Start at the beginning or jump around. It’s up to you!

DM me on Instagram if you have questions about this week’s episode. And if you would like to apply to be on the podcast, fill out this form.

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[00:00] Paulette: Buen día y welcome to The Maker Muse Podcast, the place where childfree Spanglish-speaking, mujeres fuertes are inspired to find their confidence, su confianza through creativity. I’m Paulette Erato, the Maker Muse.

[00:18] Well mis amigues, I’ve gotta apologize. I didn’t do a good job warning you that this season was coming to an end. So why not dedicate a full episode to it?

[00:28] Just kidding. This isn’t gonna be 15 minutes of you listening to me, explain why I do seasons as opposed to weekly episodes without end. Instead, it’s a quick shout out and thank you for listening along, and an invitation for you to submit any questions you might have had about what you heard this season. Or even last season!

[00:47] I had a great time exploring what it means to be a childfree Latina with all of my guests. I appreciate each of their unique perspectives about it and how it impacts not only their lives, but the lives of those around them too. So, who else do you wanna hear from in future seasons? Nominate your favorite childfree Latines so I can chat with them.

[01:09] While we’re at it, did you disagree with anything? Have a different conclusion? Or maybe feeling a little unsettled or confused about something? That’s okay. Even if you agree with every single word out of my mouth or the mouths of my guest, send me a DM on Instagram. It’s the fastest way to connect. You could also email me if you’re not on Instagram.

[01:29] The link for that is always in the show notes. But then you won’t get to see all my super cool stories and the reposts from TikTok. Either way, come chat with me while I take a short break. So stay tuned for a few mini episodes between now and the end of the year. I can’t promise they’ll drop consistently every week, but I think I have some juicy stuff coming at you.

[01:48] In the meantime, I’m doing like my good friend Deanna does and practically begging you to DM me on Instagram or email. I really wanna hear from you, okay? Okay. So don’t forget, stay hydrated, and that’s a burrito.

[02:02] Wanna talk about this week’s episode? Feel free to DM me on Instagram. My info is always in the show notes.

[02:08] And if you’re looking to be a guest in the future for the Maker Muse Podcast, check out the guest form on my website at themakermuse.co. Yes, themakermuse.co. It’s also linked in the show notes.

[02:20] And hey, muchisimas gracias for listening to another episode of the Maker Muse Podcast. Are you subscribed? If not now would be a great time to do that.

[02:29] New episodes come out every Tuesday. I’m on Apple, on Spotify, wherever you listen. And then can I ask you a favor? Could you please tell all of your friends and family about it? ¿Sus amigues, su familia? Because if you love it, they probably will too. And I’d really appreciate it if you could rate and review it wherever you’re listening right now.

[02:49] ¡Hasta la proxima!

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